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You may have already used a testosterone booster before, but… Are you aware of all the benefits of this kind of products? Testosterone boosters are not beneficial only if you work on building your strength or gaining more muscle mass – these supplements positively affect your overall health.

Some of the benefits that top test boosters provide are listed below

  • Cures Insomnia

Everyone knows that sleep is essential for a person’s overall health and well-being. When we sleep, our body and (most importantly!) muscle tissues regenerate. If you are not able to provide your body with nourishing nighttime sleep, you will feel drained in the morning and during the entire day. Additionally, testosterone calms and balances your heart rate so you can sleep like a baby.

  • Improves Mood

Low testosterone levels may be one of the reasons for anxiety and depression. Since chronic stress is something most of us suffer from nowadays, using a test booster daily can help a lot. Testosterone supplements affect your mood and by doing so, these products decrease the effect of everyday stressful situations that influence all of your daily actions. When you feel less stressed about the simple things, you live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Motivates

As already mentioned, the boosters have the mood-enhancing properties. By boosting and improving your emotional health, you will be more motivated to pursue any goal you have set whether it is job-related goal or a fitness goal. You can read more about the best male hormone supplements on the market and the effects of t-boosters and pick one depending on your needs.

  • Suppresses Appetite

Top rated test boosters affect your appetite by acting as the appetite suppressants (Phen375 is the best example for appetite suppressants). This is one of the best benefits these dietary products could offer you. Poor nutrition leads to weight-related issues and normal and balanced diet is a way to keep normal level of each hormone in your body. Also, if you have problems with obesity or overweight, t-boosters will help you in weight loss by decreasing your appetite. Keep that fridge door closed!

  • Helps in Losing Excessive Weight

By keeping your fridge door closed, you may keep yourself from overeating (and overeating is number one reason for the obesity epidemic in the world). When this hormone’s level is increased, it has an effect on your body’s stored fat cells – your body uses fat as energy and that results in the weight loss. Everyone who uses t-boosters has lower percentage of body fat. On the other hand, testosterone supplements include healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acid that your body needs daily.

  • Sooths Muscle Soreness

Although you should gradually change the weight you lift in a gym, there are times when you will think you can lift more than your body actually can bear so you may suffer from sore muscles. Test boosters can cure muscle aches and prevent them as well. They both maximize your strength and your pain resistance. In case you experience sore muscles, the ingredients in the supplements fasten muscle recovery so you can return to your regular training in no time.

Facts About Testosterone Booster

Testosterone makes some women less socially intelligent 

When a woman receives testosterone, it is less good at listening and recognizing facial emotions. But not all women: they are only sensitive to the hormone as their index finger is longer than their ring finger, says a researcher from Utrecht.

Women are better at recognizing emotions, men think in a systematic way. The old cliché is true partly revealed in : when women are given the male hormone testosterone, they do not know so well what is going on in another. But only if their index finger is long relative to the ring finger.

The ratio between the fingers has already been the subject of , in which all kinds of things have been attributed to the finger relationship. Now it is shown that women with a small ratio between the index and ring finger (the index finger longer than the ring finger so) “masculine” by testosterone: when testosterone comes in the blood of women, this affects their empathy. They can empathize with others less so.

There has long been thought that hormones are the cause of the lower emotional intelligence of men. The research, published in PNAS, this thought is strengthened. For now it appears that women who are normally highly empathic, suffer from a male hormone.

Complex emotions

Jack van Honk, chief researcher at Utrecht University: “The research focuses on the effects of the hormone testosterone on social behavior, in this case cognitive empathy. We give young women only once and on a different day of testosterone a placebo. Then we measure how good they are at recognizing complex emotions. Which they read out only the eye regions of the face (such eye test can  do yourself, and take about 5 minutes – MS). We also measure the length ratio between the index and ring finger. ”

The latter is done because that finger ratio tells how much testosterone a person has been exposed as a fetus in the womb, he says. And apparently determines which early exposure also how someone later responds to the hormone. Van Honk, “That link between prenatal testosterone and later was demonstrated in rats, but never in humans.”

Long forefinger

The study showed that finger ratio can predict half of the effect of testosterone; if you as a woman have a little finger ratio, so when your finger is longer than your ring finger, you do have a high probability that testosterone affects your emotional intelligence. In the study by Van Honk all women responded with an appropriate finger ratio is and all other women. Although both groups but consisted of eight women, so with 99.4 percent certainty that shows finger ratio and sensitivity to testosterone related. “That’s very rare,” says van Honk.

Demonstrating the relationship between finger ratio and sensitivity to testosterone, as well as between testosterone and empathy, tells us something about how the brains and thinking develop during pregnancy. Autism, for example, could also be caused by an excess of testosterone in the uterus. Moreover, this research can anyone provide more clarity about how social fears and sexual behavior emerge and develop during pregnancy and after birth.

However, very little

is Nevertheless, the importance of the finger ratio for testosterone still a topic of discussion. In this study, for example, there are only 16 subjects were involved. According to Julie Baker, a neuroscientist at the Dutch Institute for Neuroscience, that there are very few “There is so much incredible variation in the finger ratio, you have to measure hundreds of women or men difference to get out.”

According to Jack of Baseball is a large sample, however, of no importance. “This is not a correlational study, but a study of the effect of testosterone. You need as few subjects to demonstrate such a strong effect of testosterone, makes the result precisely convincing. ”

The study will be repeated now, with the addition an MRI scan of all subjects. In this way can be viewed or the brains of women who are sensitive to testosterone are really different in each other.

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