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Raz B Joins Love & Hip Hop LA or Hollywood

Raz B The Latest Cast Member Confirmed on Love & Hip Hop LA

raz bWe are just a month away from the premiere of Love & Hip Hop LA, or Hollywood (no title has officially been released) and it seems like everyday there’s a new cast member added. So who is really in or out? Well the latest to be added to the rumors is Raz B from B2K. MediaTakeOut who has connection all in Mona Scott’s camp has official details so this might actually be true.

raz b b2kRaz B of course was in B2K with Omarion, who is also confirmed to be in the cast. Apparently there has been months of negotiating to get him during filming. But with all these late additions, who the heck will be on the first episode? Well believe it or not although MediaTakeOut claims Raz B just joined he had been there during the whole filming process since May. So has rapper Soulja Boy who reportedly also just signed on. Both stars had already been filming but to add hype to the upcoming reality series Mona Scott and producers wanted to slowly introduce some of the other stars.

29 year old Raz B was born De’Mario Monte Thornton in Cleveland Ohio. He was one of the founding members of the group who released their debut self titled album in 2002. The group dropped their last album “Pandemonium” in 2004 and later parted their ways. Raz B started his own production company called RazBeatz Entertainment. In 2010 he released his mixtape Boy 2 King. He had since fell off the American radar. For the past 4 years Raz B has been touring in China as a solo artist.

In 2013 he was back in the news when TMZ reported he was involved in a physical altercation in a night club. In the middle of his performance in China a fight erupted in the crowd and Raz B tried to break it up. In the midst of the chaos he was hit in the head with a glass bottle. The next it was reported he was put into a coma. He came out of his life threatening coma four days later.