Weight Loss Supplements

Supplements, also known as dietary supplements or food supplements are designed to provide the body with additional vitamins and minerals. They typically come in tablet, capsule or pill form. The theory is that it is becoming increasing difficult to supply our bodies with a sufficient level of essential nutrients through our diet alone.  For example, science has shown Vitamin C to be a powerful antioxidant, antioxidants help to protect against free radicals, which may cause heart disease and cancer. We thus, supplement with Vitamin C in order to gain these health benefits.

There are an astounding variety of supplements available. Some of the most popular are

• Vitamin C

• OMEGA 3 Fish Oil

• Glucosamine

• Amino Acids

• Co10

Many people take them purely for health benefits, while others take them for sports performance. For many the word supplements is synonymous with body-builders. Body builders take a wide array of supplements in order to help them gain muscle, burn fat and increase their energy levels. Weight loss supplements are popular with people who are trying to lose weight.

Supplements have become incredibly popular over the last 50 years within the developed world, with everybody from new mothers, professional bodybuilders and elite athletes taking them. The term supplement is a broad one, often used interchangeably with vitamins or minerals. Supplements mean many things to many people. In general though, when we think about supplementing, we think about adding or supplementing to our existing diet. The reasons why people choose to take supplements do vary massively. A large portion of people will take supplements because they want to improve their general level of health. A smaller portion of people will take supplements for a very specific reason. I.E. Bodybuilders use supplements to help them prepare for competitions. So let’s examine some of the main categories of supplements.


Health Supplements

Also know as a food supplement or dietary supplement these are designed to provide specific vitamins and minerals to the body. Numerous studies have shown that our daily diet does not provide us with enough vital nutrients. We simply can’t get the vitamins and minerals, from the food that we eat alone. Therefore we decide to take a supplement to help make up for this. For example many scientific studies have shown us that OMEGA 3 fish oils help to reduce the risk of heart disease. It is difficult to consume the required levels of OMEGA 3 fish oils from diet alone, so we can take an OMEGA 3 supplement to make up for this.

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements are used by people who want to lose weight. There are thousands of companies all selling different weight loss supplements but really they fall into 2 main categories. They are either appetite suppressants or fat burners. Appetite suppressants work by controlling the part of the brain that is responsible for feelings of hunger. They help people to feel fuller between meals, which in turn helps them to consume fewer calories.  Hoodia is the most popular of all appetite suppressants although Caralluma is actually more effective.  Fat burners work by increasing a person’s metabolism, helping the body burn more calories. There are a lot of fat burners sold but the effectiveness of them varies massively. Science has proven to us that the most effective fat burner is sweet pepper extract known as Capsiate. Weight loss supplements are big business and unfortunately that has attracted many unscrupulous businesses. Make sure that you do your research if you decide to buy a weight loss supplement.

Body-Building Supplements

Do a quick on Google for supplements and you will find that most companies who sells supplements specifically target body builders. Body builders use supplements to help them either prepare for competitions or just keep their body in shape. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a popular bodybuilding supplement as it is thought to aid body fat reduction. Green tea extract is also popular as it is thought to stimulate the metabolism and burn fat. However the effectiveness of both CLA and Green Tea is disputed. Some body builders turn to even more hardcore supplements such as ephedra or ephedrine. Ephedra comes from a plant in China (known as Mu Huang) and is said to increase mental alertness and burn fat. It has been associated with some seriously unpleasant side effects and in some instances death. Consequently is has been banned by the FDA, although it is still easy to purchase them on the internet.

It is important to mention that most supplements come in tablets, capsule or pill form. Though they can come as shakes, powders or patches. Our obsession with supplements shows no sign of abating and with good reason. Our current diet of refined carbohydrates, processed meals and junk food is not sufficient enough to provide us with the vital nutrients that we need. If we want to lead long and healthy lives then we need to supplement with various different vitamins and minerals. Furthermore as competition in sport increases, people need to get that winning edge and supplements may be able to provide. When buying supplements be sure to deal with a reputable company. That way you can be sure that you are buying safe and quality supplements.

Fat Loss Tips

Fat is gained when we eat food containing high level of calories. As we eat these foods, little do we know that the same can turn to problems for us later in life.

In this era where everybody wants to look attractive and where attraction has been defined, by the adverts as having a slim, manageable, and healthy body, the heavy budget on weight loss may be justified. It becomes one hell of a thing, considering that the ladies are the worst hit when it comes to wanting to lose weight and keeping fit, so that they can fit in that beautiful wedding gown or for modeling reasons.

People have always come up with different ideas on how to lose fat in their body though many, who are intending to lose the weight, are faced with the challenge of choice given the dangerous supplements and the diet pills that come long with such ideas.  There are fat loss tips resources that are currently both online and offline publications:

The following are some common fat loss tips to get in the market.

Cleanse and detoxify

This means that it is essential to rid off your body from harmful chemicals and toxins. The absence of these toxins enables the body get a healthy journey towards losing fat.

Listen to your body

It’s important to give time to your body and listen to it carefully as this enables you to note signs of fullness, hunger and stress thus enabling you to know which step to take next.

Drinking plenty of water

This helps the body in digestion and as well flushing out impurities

Take control of what you eat

This can be done through ensuring you eat food low in fat and calories, thus avoiding adding more fats into your body.

Eat slowly and in small bits

This can be done by having around 5 to 6 meals and eating in small bits enabling you to listen to your body for signs of fullness slowly, thus avoiding overeating.


Exercising is also another of the most popular fat loss tips as it helps fasten metabolism hence burning of fats and calories.

These are just a few fat loss tips that one may follow just to eradicate that extra pound of fat in their body.

Fat Burning

Whenever we are given the chance, the ideas that always come with fat loss campaign are just amazing going from the dangerous pills to the supplements. Fat is something that doesn’t excite the heart when present as it comes along with other problems such as hearts diseases. Thus, many have been struggling on this idea of eradicating this fat out of their body trying solutions such as use of fat blockers, fat diets and the like; all of which aim at reducing fat present in the body.

Fat burning, thus comes as a solution to serve the problems of many. To get a permanent solution to the problem of fat loss through fat burning, it will always come with adopting habits which will enable you go through the fat burning process easily. This comes with changing your diet and being cautious with the kind of foods you eat. This will ensure that once you begin the process of fat loss, you will never gain the fat again.

Fat burning foods are thus necessary when it comes to weight loss.  These will actually mean having a to eat food that has a lower density of calories, and higher density of nutrientsThere are a number of foods of the different categories that help in burning fat. Some of which may include the following;


These will include Yams, Brown rice, Sweet potatoes, White potatoies, 100% whole wheat Bread, 100% whole wheat Pasta and Beans


Here we have Broccoli, Spinach, onions, Cucumbers, Salad Greens, Peppers and Tomatoes.


These will include Egg whites, Chicken breast, Salmon and Turkey breast


Fruits will include Grape fruit, Apples, Blue berries, Grapes, Pineapples, Oranges and Bananas

By acquiring mentioned methods of eating, you can be assured that fat burning will be a continuous process in your life. Fat burning in the natural method will have many advantages. In the first place, you will be sure to save on cost that would be borne in purchasing programs and also ensure a safer way to achieve objective.

Appetite Suppressant Pills

Dieting can be a frustrating experience.  Things will generally start out well and you make consistent progress but after a period of time it can slow or stop altogether.  If this has happened to you, then you may want to consider using an appetite suppressant to get you moving again.  Use this short article to ask yourself a few questions about where you are so that you can determine if an appetite suppressant is right for you.

Question #1 – Has your weight loss progress stalled for more than two weeks?

Peaks and valleys in the weight-loss program are normal and should be expected.  However, if you have stayed committed to your eating and exercising regimen and have been unable to make any progress toward period of 2 weeks, you may want to consider an appetite suppressant.  The reason for this is that you may need to further reduce calories in order to jumpstart your weight loss again.  Unfortunately, reducing calories often means that hunger will increase so an appetite suppressant can come in handy.

Question #2 – Are you continually battling feelings of hunger?

Oftentimes feeling of hunger can be very intense when dieting.  This is because you are deliberately eating less than your body needs in an effort to lose weight.  Unfortunately the hunger response is extremely powerful and eventually your body will win.  To overcome this feeling in the short term however an appetite suppressant can help a great deal and should be considered if this is a problem you’re having.

Question #3 – Has your eating or exercise routine become monotonous?

Although not directly related to feelings of hunger, it has been well documented that boredom can be a trigger for eating more.  When compounded with a reduction in calories and increasing physical activity, eating when bored can become a major problem.  If this sounds like you, try switching up your exercise or eating routine to breathe life back into your dieting efforts.

Remember that if your progress is stalled for more than two weeks, you are continually battling feelings of hunger or your eating and exercise routine has become monotonous, it may be a good idea to consider an appetite suppressant to help you stay on course.  Best of luck to you and your dieting efforts!

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Morgan also calls out one of the cast members for being fake and plastic. I watched the trailer and Nikki Mudarris, might be as plastic as a 1969 Barbie Doll. She’s dating rapper Mally Mall and it looks like he helped pay for her body. Her waist is non existent and her bottom is wider than a 4×4. The proportions are just as off as Nicki Minaj’s body.

The other cast members also talk about what to expect. Yung Berg gives a shout out to one of the cast members saying he wrote and produced a song for them that will become a big hit and looking at the stars on the show they all could use a career boost.